I blog about anything that interests me and things that makes me happy.

xx Chantal

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Hey ladies & gents!

Here’s a random question and answer blog. I’ve ran out of things to talk about so I thought about an “answer me” post :)

Q: What scent do you use? Do share.

Here’s mine :)

L-R: Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea (gift from Geli wayback in October 2010), Baby Bench Colonia in Ice Mint and Lewis&Pearl’s Ice Water

Never was I fascinated with perfumes, though I do keep my Chanel No. 5 and Vera Wang’s Princess handy for formal events and nice dates. The scents posted above are the colognes I use on a daily basis. The BBW Sweet Pea was given to me as a gift way back in 2010 and I haven’t finished the bottle ‘til now YET! Baby Bench’s Colonia in Ice Mint is super fresh and citrusy, that’s why I like it (the boyfriend likes this too! +1 for Baby Bench). And lastly, Lewis&Pearl’s Ice Water has been my favorite cologne since high school. I keep a handy bottle which I bring in my bag for freshening up after a long day in the office.

So, there you go. Those are my scent-iments, what’s yours? :)

xx Chantal

You can have all the money in the world, but you can never buy “class”.

I don’t know what’s with me and dressing up but I always end up in a situation where I have to pick what I have to wear on a daily basis. During college, I was admitted into a school which does not require any school uniform. And now, my work place doesn’t have any too! Lucky me? Well, not really. Choosing what to wear on a daily basis is a headache too! Trust me. For the past 6 years, that’s what I’ve been doing and it may be annoying and irritating at times.

Here’s what I wore today: THE SO-CALLED MOMMY OUTFIT! (which I love by the way)

Tunic: Thrift | Jeggings: Giordano | Shoes: Parisian

Sorry for that mataray face. AND DO EXCUSE MY EPAL LAUNDRY HAMPER! Haha! :))

I think I’ve “perfect-ed” the art of putting on my brow liner! Hooray! Excuse that zit! :))

P.S. It’s my third consecutive post already!! Yay to finding time to blog :)

xx Chantal

Ever since I moved into my new house last November 30, I’ve been wanting to redecorate it. Finally, just in time for the new year I was able to semi-furnish my room with the things that I need. And the things I can’t live without. Haha!

If you know me well, I’d die for a crisp clean white room with good lighting and nice storage. I hate clutter. I believe that your room is a place where you unwind and rest, but how would you rest if everything is a mess? Right? 

Take a sneak peek into my room :D No judging okay? :D

My bed- new sheets and a nice fluffy blanket!

I adore my baroque swirls curtain!! Its love! I need a huge photo frame to be filled with memorable pictures :)

My baroque swirl curtain in my favorite room color. Luxurious, peaceful and chic.

Fedora and golden mask adorned teddy bears :D

My clean work space :)

Who doesn’t love to walk into a scented room? Here’s my secret - a scent diffuser!

I tend to arrange my clothes by color. Can’t wait for it to be super cold so that I could wear my tweed jackets :)

My animal print robe!! Winner! Who’s fierce outside the bathroom now eh? Haha!

How about you? How does your room look like this 2012 or how do you want it to look like? :)

xx Chantal

Let me start 2012 by greeting you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Its the year of the Water Dragon aka MY YEAR! I’m born under the dragon and water sign in the Chinese Zodiac.

The past few months has been hectic since I was in a “transitioning” phase. See, I recently finished my studies and after 2 weeks of applying for a job I was hired (insert a HUGE “THANK YOU GOD” here). 2011 was a rough and hard year, but nonetheless I managed to get through it. God has been good and kind in answering my prayers and I’ve been working really hard to achieve my goals.

I’ve been trying to put up a New Year’s Resolution list but I haven’t managed to do so yet, so I guess I have to postpone that one. I was also thinking of posting the things that I did during the months I’ve been away from blogging was I was too lazy to do so. Haha. Im self-hailed the procrastinating queen at times.

ANYHOO, these are nice photo I want to share with you all.

I wasn’t able to spend Christmas with my family for the first time because of work, but I did spend it with my second family - my boyfriend’s family and our dog Coco. Here’s our “family picture” :D

FORGOT TO MAKE A BLOG ABOUT THE CUTEST DOG ON EARTH while I was on hiatus. I shall remind myself to make one soon :)

Our Santa for Christmas! Coco turned 3 months last December 17. Happy 3rd month baby! :)

That’s all for now folks! Will force myself to update my blog regularly- this should be included in my new year’s resolution! :)

xx Chantal